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Welcome to The Almighty Website of Stuff!

This is where I, The Almighty Doer of Stuff, a.k.a. ADoS, a.k.a. Vincent D. Camley of Massachusetts, USA, will post things that I create or have created and maybe other stuff as well. You can contact me at

It's a totally unprofessional hackjob of a site, but it should get the job done.

Now, here's some of the different sections of the site:

Blades of Exile: I've done some work on Blades of Exile, a Free Open-Source Software role-playing game builder. I'm very fond of this game.

Poetry: I have found that writing poetry is quite an enjoyable activity, and I've written a good number of poems, of most of which I'm proud. Some highlights can be found here.

Writing: This is where I put my other textual creations, such as essays, stories, etc.

Audio: My various works of sonic art can be found here, with a few other little goodies as well. This used to be my primary creative outlet, but lately I've preferred poetry and visual art.

Visual Art: I can't say I'm especially good at making visual art, being rather unpracticed, although I'm proud of some of it, especially some of my pixel art. It can be viewed here.

Mr. Q's Lair of Evil: Mr. Q is an evil face. He likes to show how evil he is by creating an evil lair made up of poor web design. Has numerous things, including a Flash game and loud, embedded cacophony. You have been warned. (Please note that the views and opinions expressed on Mr. Q's section of my website do not necessarily coincide with my own.)

The Idiot: A series of simple comic books I made in elementary school, plus a Flash game from 2006 which is based on the series.

Miscellanea: For things that don't fit elsewhere on the site.

Lastly, there's the Site History, where I post the details of changes to the site, newest first. Last update: September 24, 2015.

I hope you enjoy the site!

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