Blades of Avernum

I was just doing some browsing around in my archives, looking for the initial encounter with doomguards in the Exile series (was it in Exile 1 or Exile 2?) and I ran across some things that haven't been on the web in years. Spiderwebs site has references to some of these things, but land you in limbo. If I hear no objections from the original authors of this material, I would like to post it here for the benefit of the Spiderweb community that still enjoys it.

I will try to verify that the content is in fact missing. If I find a link to it, I will reference it.

These are sites I have copies of, that I will post here until I hear an objection from the author or I find their own site.
  • (Nothing here now, since I cleaned off Kelandon and Westra.)

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